The big difference

With any Web package receive NO COST:

  •    Initial audit:
    In which the status of your entire Website will be studied: its web architecture, design and positioning by 1 key phrase in Google ™.
  •    Technological recommendations:
    To adapt its structure and content to the particular requirements of its market and search engines such as Google ™.
  •    Monthly backup:
    Of all your Website if it is Managed by yourself (CMS) to avoid data loss.
  •    Security updates:
    Adjustments to avoid vulnerabilities.

Volunteering and discounts for:

  • Art and culture
  • Science and Technology
  • Human rights
  • Technical and higher education
  • Environment
  • Economic empowerment
  • Physical and emotional health

Catalog of services

Please select a category:

Web design and development

Web Design Packages

  • Consultancy:

    • How to improve your online presence.
  • Interface design:

    • The appearance of the website in 3 jpg or png files.
  • Web development:

    • Coding in HTML5 or PHP.
  • Maintenance:

    • Updates and modifications to correct undetected errors.
    • Change and / or add a new functions.
    • User approval or blocking and comments (In the case of CMSs, Forums, etc.).


Hosting and domain

Online marketing

Positioning and advertising in Search Engines, Social Networks and Mailing

  • Optimization for Search Engines (SEO).
  • Advertising
    • AdWords
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Mailing (Design and sending of massive emails).
  • Design of Banners.
  • Registration and application of image to Social networks.

Graphic design

Corporate image application, retouching and illustration

  •  Illustration:
    • 2D
    • Typographic in 3D.

All the designs are paid in 50% payments once the graphic proposal is approved, the other 50% once finalized and are more VAT in case of requiring invoice.