Curriculum vitae


I am Janik Ma. C., a visual artist and professional Web Designer. I have a Licentiate degree in graphic design from La Salle Noroeste University and this is my Curriculum Vitae.

He diseñado más de 50 Sitios Web para companies on an international, national and local scale; working from home in Cd. Obregón, Sonora, focused on collaborative web design.

Graduated in 2006, but having designed my first Website in 2001, I have years of experience in Web design and years as Freelancer offering different services.

This is my main purpose:

Help all those who are beginning to learn Web design (or require my Web design services), through my Blog and Products..

Personal mission

I write on this and other websites because my purpose in life is to help others through education and information.

The Internet is a medium that reaches and can impact the lives of millions of people, and content on the Web may be available for decades, with the potential to create a positive change in the future of an increasingly large variety of people.

This is my job and it is my life; Much of what I do every day is motivated by this purpose.

Downloadable Resume and Portfolio:

Download my Graphic and Web design, photography and multimedia Portfolio as a (2.6 MB) PDF document:


  • Current2003

    Web Design and Development

    Cd. Obregón.

  • 20172016

    Web Design and Development

    Cd. Obregón.

  • 20162016

    Web Development and Consulting

    Black coffee.
    Cd. Obregón.

  • 20142014

    Graphic design and web maintenance

    OCV Ciudad Obregón.
    Cd. Obregón.

  • 20132011

    Editorial design, maintenance and Web development

    Guillermo Flores photography.

  • 20112010

    D. Web, maintenance and online marketing

    Plexon Group

  • 20102010

    Web design

    Cuauhtemoc University.

  • 20092004

    Graphic design

    WE ARE Multimedia.
    Cd. Obregón.

  • 20082007

    Graphic and Web Design

    RMA advertising agency.
    Cd. Obregón.

  • Summer2005

    Editorial Design Practices

    El Imparcial newspaper.

Formal education

  • IDS 2014 - Current

    Software Development Engineering


  • diplomat 2009

    Diploma in Web Design and Programming.

    HESG Training

  • LDG 2006

    Bachelor of Graphic Design

    La Salle University Northwest

  • Languages 2015

    Basic german


  • Languages 2004

    Superior english

    La Salle University Northwest

Sports and cultural groups

  •    Basketball team
  •    Classical and electric guitar

Skills and experience using Web Design Software and Languages

I can help your company, design studio or advertising agency with your Web design projects using:

For the marking of Web pages and mass mail (Mailing).

PHP and MySQL:
For the development of dynamic Websites that adapt their content to the user.

For the application of style and format to multiple Web pages.

ActionScript 2:
For Web content with multimedia and interactivity on desktop computers.

JavaScript and jQuery
To allow changes in HTML and CSS that simulate animation and interactivity effects.

For robust websites, blogs with comments, user registration and other applications.

Online and face-to-face courses

Click on the name of the course to see more details.

Design, Web development, programming and Internet:

  • 10/2018.
    Programming foundations: Databases.
    By Simon Allardice (LinkedIn Learning).
    This course taught me data modeling, concepts like normalization, ACID, interlocking (deadly embraces, dirty reads, Referential integrity, deadlocks, rollbacks) and Database options from BDD for desktop to distributed BDD, focusing on relational, but also touching on main features (security, storage, performance and access) of NoSQL, among others, to help my clients implement the Best solution according to your particular needs.
  • 10/2018.
    CSS Essential Training 1
    By Christina Truong (LinkedIn Learning)
    CSS is the language that allows me to control the appearance of the Websites I design. This is the first of a series of CSS courses, which focuses on the fundamentals of how to apply formatting using Cascading Style Sheets.
  • 10/2018.
    HTML Essential Training
    By James Williamson (LinkedIn Learning).

    This course gave me an in-depth look at mastering the essentials: the HTML syntax that powers the World Information Network and the best practices for writing and editing your code, starting from the typical HTML structure to its editing and its use together with CSS and JavaScript to create rich and attractive user experiences.

  • 10/2018.
    Foundations of Programming Fundamentals
    By Simon Allardice (LinkedIn Learning).
    This course taught me JavaScript programming as a basis for learning programming in different languages such as: JavaScript, PHP, Java, VB.NET, Python, C, C ++ and Objective C, comparing how the code is written, its libraries, main frameworks and in What stands out each one.
  • 10/2018.
    Web Development Foundations: Web Programming Foundations
    ByMorten Rand-Hendriksen(LinkedIn Learning)
    This course helped me solidify my understanding and learn more about what happens every time a Web page is visited, since the URL is entered in the browser, some aspects about metadata, accessibility, the future of the browser, recommendations for publishers and how to write better code for both people and technologies that access HTML (usually the Web browser).
  • 10/2018.
    Web Development Foundations: Full Stack vs Front End
    By Ray Villalobos (LinkedIn Learning).
    Course on the division of roles in Web development as: Full Stack and Front End developer, how do these two types of developers address concepts such as Information Architecture (AI), UX, UI, BDD, notions of HTML5, CSS , JS and current tools that make it easier to develop for the Web.
  • 06/2018.
    Design Your Own Fonts: From Paper to Screen
    By Nathanael Gama (Skillshare)
    Course on the creation, sketching and digitization of typography for use as a source.
  • 05/2018.
    The Complete Bootstrap 4 Course: Design a Landing Page
    By Adam Eubanks (Skillshare)
    Course on Bootstrap 4 based on practices with a landing page project.
  • 2017.
  • 03/2017.
    JavaScript and jQuery made easy
    (EDUmobile Academy).
    Course on JavaScript and jQuery based on practices with DOM manipulation, information extraction of elements such as tags and attributes, events in reaction to clicks, movements, etc. validation of data entered and useful error messages to the user.
  • 02/2017.
    JSON Data
    By Prof. Jennifer Widom (Stanford Online, Lagunita).
    Introductory micro-course on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) useful for the exchange of data between programs and for the representation of semi-structured data legibly for humans.
  • 02/2017.
    Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour
    By John Bura (Mammoth Interactive).
    It helped me reinforce basic concepts about JavaScript through exercises with functions, variables, conditional structures and changing CSS tags.
  • 2016.
  • 08/2016.
    Optimizing to Website for Search
    By Rebekah May (University of California, Davis).
    It teaches me to apply the most effective techniques for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, analyzing and making recommendations that improve position in which a Website appears in the Search Engine Results (SERP) as Google?.
  • 06/2016.
    Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
    By Rebekah May (University of California, Davis).
    He taught me the basics of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, to analyze and make recommendations that improve position in which a Website appears in the Search Engine Results (SERP) as Google?.
  • 03/2016.
    Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
    By Rebekah May (University of California, Davis).
    It taught me the principles to improve the position (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) in which a Website appears in Search Engine Results (SERP) like Google ?.
  • 2015.
  • 06/2015.
    Introduction to Music Production
    By Loudon Stearns (Berklee College of Music).
    I teach myself the necessary tools to digitize my own music.
  • 04/2015.
    Painting workshop Oil.
    By Ana Bertha Waldez (Sonora Institute of Technology).

    He taught me the oil painting technique as a method of visual representation and artistic expression, which now allows me to offer oil paintings, combined with a variety of media: pastel, Chinese ink and watercolor.

  • 2014.
  • 04/2014.
    Introduction to Computational Arts: Visual arts.
    By Dr. Margaret Anne Schedel, Catherine Katsafouros,
    (Stony Brook University? Coursera).

    He taught me functions equivalent to those of Photoshop in Gimp, which allows me to use both photo retouching and manipulation.

  • 04/2014.
    Internet History, Technology, and Security.
    By Dr. Charles Severance,
    (University of Michigan? Coursera).

    He taught me the history of the Internet and how it works: how do I start computing, what are packets, IP, DNS and other useful information in this area.

  • 03/2014.
    Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing.
    By Dr. Margaret Anne Schedel, Tim. James Vallier,
    (Stony Brook University? Coursera).

    He taught me the bases for programming in Processing, an application and programming language, which allows to develop small interactive programs, animations and graphics that can be exported to JavaScript or as png, jpg images, etc.

  • 2013.
  • 10/2013.
    Concepts in Game Development.
    By Dr Clinton Woodward,
    (Swinburne University of Technology - Open2Study).

    He taught me the basics of video game development and with it, useful theory in improving the Web User Experience (UX).

  • 06/2013.
    PHP with MySQL Essential Training
    By Kevin Skoglund,

    It allowed me to deepen the programming of dynamic Sites with PHP and MySQL, through the development of a simple Content Management System (CMS).

  • 2012.
  • 12/2012.
    Creating an Effective Content Strategy for Your Website.
    By Janine Warner,

    It allows me to strategically plan the Re-design and / or creation and maintenance of attractive content of the websites of my clients and my own projects.

  • 11/2012.
    Fireworks CS6 New Features
    By Ray Villalobos,
  • 10/2012.
    Up and Running with Captivate 6.
    By David Rivers

    It enabled me to post Distance learning courses (eLearning) with Multimedia simulations, exams and demonstrations that can be followed on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets (M-Learning).

  • 10/2012.
    Lightroom 4 from beginning to end.
    By Guillermo Flores,
    (Guillermo Flores photography -

    He taught me post-photographic process, HDR, color adjustments, tone, contrast and all the functions of Lightroom.

  • 09/2012.
    Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Mobile Sites.
    By Joseph Lowery,

    It allows me to create original and robust websites whose design adapts (Responsive design) to mobile devices such as cell phones (smart phones) and tablets such as the iPad.

  • 09/2012.
    JavaScript Essential Training (2011).
    By Simon Allardice,

    It allows me to improve the user experience of the Websites I design, adding interactivity, movement and? Effects? to page elements.

  • 09/2012.
    Photoshop for Photographers: Portrait Retouching.
    By Chris Orwig,

    Allows me to apply natural touch up for the correction of imperfections and distractions to portrait photography in Photoshop.

  • 08/2012.
    WordPress 3: Building Child themes.
    By Morten Rand-Hendriksen,

    CMS that allows me to implement electronic commerce, users, blogs editable by the client and other Web 2.0 applications with unique interface designs.

  • 01/2012.
    Google Website Optimizer Essential Training
    By David Booth,

    It enabled me to analyze the elements that can improve the conversion of the Websites that I design using Google Website Optimizer.

  • 2011.
  • ~ 12/011.
    Advanced Course of Dreamweaver.
    For the training classroom team,
    (Training classroom).

    It allows me to develop dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL and Dreamweaver.

  • 06/2011.
    Joomla! 1.6 Creating and editing custom templates.
    By Jen Kramer,

    It made possible the implementation of Blogs, Manageable user profiles by category for sending mailings, comments, forum, internal search engine and more.

  • 2009.
  • 12/2009
    CSS Web Site Design
    By Eric Meyer,

    It allows me to apply the Style that is persuasive to the visitors of the Websites, adapt the interface to the device (Responsive design) and speed up its editing by separating the CSS from the HTML.

  • 2005.
  • 02/2005.
    3D Studio Max
    By instructor of Universidad La Salle,
    (ULSA Northwest).

    He taught me three-dimensional animation and modeling in 3ds Max, which allows me to create textured 3D illustrations.

Administration and economy:

Click on the course to see more details.

  • 10/2018.
    Learn SCRUM
    Carlos Solis
    LinkedIn Learning
    SCRUM taught me, an agile methodology for complex project management. Thanks to this course, the daily SCRUM and the Sprints are activities that I carry out daily in conjunction with collaborative tools such as: Trello.
  • 2014.
  • 04/2014.
    Rapid development of products Innovators for emerging markets.
    By Arturo Molina Gtz, David Romero Díaz and Pedro Ponce Cruz,
    (Tecnológico de Monterrey - Coursera).

    He taught me the process for the rapid development of innovative products for emerging markets through the application of several methodologies: JTBD, matrix of needs and satisfiers, empathy map, morphological matrix and story boards, among others.

  • 03/2014.
    The power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World.
    By Dr. Peter Navarro,
    (UCIrvine? Coursera).

    He taught me the principles of macroeconomics that affect our daily lives such as inflation, stagflation, recession, fiscal policies, etc.

  • 2012.
  • 10/2012.
    Achieving Your Goals
    By Dave Crenshaw,

    Taught me to achieve the objectives of my projects subdividing my goals into manageable and feasible sub-projects.